Sunday, October 16, 2011

Missing in Action: A Veteran's Court for Riverside County

Even though we have left our law firm gigs and their sometimes crazy hours, Montage attorneys still keep themselves incredibly busy with a wide variety of tasks and projects outside the realm of paid work.  Most of these tasks pertain, of course, to our family lives but many Montage attorneys devote a substantial amount of time to volunteering with charitable organizations and professional/bar associations.  Some of that time is naturally focused on networking and business development, but not always.  For example, Amy Guldner read an article earlier this year about Veterans' Courts.  These specialized treatment programs are striving to rehabilitate, rather than incarcerate, veterans who are struggling with addiction and mental illness, and to date they've been very successful.  Despite never practicing criminal law or working in the mental health or substance abuse fields, Amy found the concept quite fascinating.  When the Riverside County Bar Association's Bar Publications Committee decided to devote their October issue to military and veterans' issues, she agreed to research and write about Veterans' Courts.  Even if the article doesn't help expedite the formation of a Veterans' Court in Riverside County, Amy hopes that it will enhance its readers' understanding of the unique battle many veterans face when they return home. Amy's article can be found here, starting on page 15:  "Missing in Action: A Veterans' Court for Riverside County."

Amy Leinen Guldner joined Montage Legal Group in January, 2010 after practicing for over thirteen years at Morgan Lewis and Bockius LLP and Snell and Wilmer LLP. Amy Guldner is Montage Legal's lead attorney, and has become an integral part of expanding Montage Legal to law firms in the Inland Empire, including Corona, Riverside and Temecula. In addition to her legal work and caring for her two young children, Amy is a volunteer Court-Appointed Special Advocate with CASA of Orange County, mentoring and advocating in court on behalf of abused and neglected children. She is also involved with the Riverside County Bar Association and its publications committee. Amy lives with her husband, her five year old daughter and her seven year old son in Corona, CA.