Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Blog Has Moved!

We have made some changes and we need your support! We converted our website and blog to Wordpress, and changed our blog title to “From BigLaw to Freelance Law.”  We hope to provide you with an even better blog…...with more content, legal articles, and fun stories about the interesting and sometimes crazy lives of our Montage freelance attorneys as they strive to "do it all."  Unfortunately, when we converted to Wordpress, we lost all of our blog subscribers.  We want you back! Please help us out and subscribe to our new blog on Wordpress.  Click on our blog link here – From BigLaw to Freelance Law - and type in your e-mail address in the box on the left-hand sidebar to subscribe to our new blog.  We are still working out the kinks in our new blog and website, so thanks for hanging in there with us!